Meet the Owner

Hello! I'm Jordee, an autistic artist and creator. I first started Jenedeer in 2020 after several health complications and severe burnout led to me losing my job and home in California. I opened shop just selling stickers and my art on t-shirts. Thanks to my customers, friends, and family I was able to move to my new home and where my shop is based now in Illinois. Shortly after, I got my hands on a new sewing machine (thanks, mom) and began creating my first fidget, the cow marble maze!
I closed shop for a while during the last half of 2021, where I spent a while as an apprentice at a sewing studio. I also tried my hand at the full-time job thing again... and queue more health complications and burnout! Early 2022, I had to leave my job and I got to work creating the pattern for my weighted plushies and redesigning my store. I am now very proud to be back and working on my art!